Committed to Tomorrow, Today


We want to make sure that the steps we take today will lead to a better tomorrow. So sustainability is embedded into everything we do – from the materials we choose, to the way we build our products, and how we use what’s left. See the steps we’re taking, below.

Egan Blue and Grey Foam Materials

Zero Waste to Landfill

We’re proud to say that byproducts of our manufacturing process contribute nearly zero waste to landfill. That’s because the materials and products that come into our factory either leave as finished products or end up being reused, recycled or converted to energy.

Egan Manufactoring Area

Setting a Shining Example

When we updated our interior LED lighting, it cut our annual electricity consumption by 225,146 kWh – the equivalent of powering 3,000 homes for one month. This earned us a Certificate of Achievement from PowerStream, our factory’s utility company.

Egan Manufactoring

Toxic Reduction Plan

We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible, as we take every step to ensure a better future for not only our company, but the atmosphere as well. Through our Toxic Reduction Plan, we're able to exponentially decrease the use of toxic chemicals and TOCs at our facility.