Dimension Curve

Product Code: DMR

Dimension Curve

Product Code: DMR


EganINK Compatible

An innovative ink system that beautifully reproduces letters, lines and graphics for high-resolution, full-color designs.


A surface that will stand the test of time - never stain or ghost providing a consistently clean canvas ready for ideas.

Ideal for Projection

The matte surface reduces glare and gloss making it ideal for projection.

Magnet Compatible

Hold more than just ideas for better collaboration.

What’s in the Box


Mounting cleats included
Standard mount is Egan Cleat (ACWALMB)
Boards mount with 3/8” space between wall and back of board
Ships with two (2) assorted color Dry-Erase Markers and one (1) EganCloth

Box Size

Product Code Shipping Weight lbs. Box Width “ Box Height “ Box Depth “
DMR4836 44 53.3125 41.0625 2.375
DMR4848 58 53.3125 53.3125 2.375
DMR6048 73 65.1875 53.3125 2.375
DMR7248 87 77.375 53.3125 2.375
DMR9648 116 102.375 53.3125 2.375
DMR12048 144 125.375 53.3125 2.375