Creating Patient Boards with EganINK

With EganINK, Print High Quality Graphics, Charts & Templates


Good communication is a key component to a better quality of care and patient experience. Communication or nursing boards can help care teams understand patient priorities, and engages patients and families in developing their care plan.

EganINK printing with GlassWrite products gives you the flexibility to uniquely design your patient or nursing board. EganINK is an innovative ink system that beautifully reproduces letters, lines, and graphics for high-resolution, full-color templates. An ideal solution for healthcare environments, EganINK gives you the flexibility to design a communication tool that easily shares patient information between nurses, the patient, and family members.

When you print your templates with GlassWrite, you are specifying a pristine, guaranteed-to-clean surface. GlassWrite products have a durable surface that can be cleaned with 90% isopropyl alcohol.


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