New Matte Glass Markerboard

Redefining standards. No glare, no gloss glass markerboards


At Egan, we are committed to quality craftsmanship and innovation, that’s why we are excited to introduce our new matte glass markerboard. The matte glass board significantly reduces glare and reflection from natural and ambient light, so that your board can be read from all angles. Boards are designed with clean lines and sophisticated form. Perfect for contemporary environments needing everyday brainstorming. Beautifully built and versatile design, the matte glass (like all Egan glass) can be specified with color, printed with high-resolution imagery using EganINK, and linked together to create a seamless run of glass boards.

Egan Glass is built from a guaranteed-to-clean, crystal clear, low iron tempered safety glass. When you specify color with your board, Egan makes it possible to match nearly any color using the Egan Color Program. The program includes 1000 colors at standard cost or color from other industry fan decks, such as Pantone.

Boards have a frameless 1/4” (5 mm) thick glass dry erase board, and GlassWrite boards are finished with polished edges. Boards are also neo-magnet compatible and come in various standard sizes.

Our glass products are built to stimulate creativity, encourage the sharing of ideas, and facilitate ideation all while seamlessly adding beauty to the workspace.

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