New Dimension Slider

Turn Your Wall Into A Whiteboard


Once the work force returned to work after the lockdowns, the expectations for the office changed. With more people working hybrid, employees expect to have more collaboration and networking on the days they commute to the office. That is why Egan has designed a new whiteboard designed specifically for large collaborative workspaces.

The Dimension Slider is a high-performance whiteboard wall. Built from wall mounted, linked boards and comes with a sliding mechanism designed to allow hanging boards to slide smoothly over the face of the wall mounted boards. As the name suggests, Dimension Slider is built using all Dimension boards, which are frameless whiteboards constructed with Egan’s proprietary EVS surface. EVS is a matte finish surface that is guaranteed-to-clean, projection compatible, and magnetic.

Whether you need to build around existing infrastructure, need to cover as large an area as possible, or just want to implement your own aesthetic, Egan offers the custom options to help you find a solution. With Dimension Slider, you can build your board around technology, such as a flat-screen TV, for an integrated, systematic solution.

Check out the Dimension Slider

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