Egan will faithfully reproduce your logo, corporate identity or design on specified products.

Logo Stencilling and Making

Computer-Assisted Engraving

A router bit follows a path supplied by the computer to carve out a design. Ideal for straightforward designs.

Black and White Logos

Estimate Custom Logos

Compare your logo to the samples and select the version that is the closest representation of your logo. Simple Art is ideal for routing. For Complex Art, please contact Customer Service (customerservice@egan.com) for assistance.

Note: Artwork must be approved prior to order acceptance.

TecTern III Corner Shot

Logo Program Products

Presentation Cabinets
202 Lecterns
Wood Lecterns
EganSystem Office Cabinets
TecTern S2

EganGRAPHIC Program

The EganGRAPHIC Program will provide consultation for idea mapping and graphic development, so we can help bring your ideas to life and ensure your EganINK project runs smoothly.


Artwork Requirements

Submit vector-based art created in a design program compatible with the import of graphics into AutoCad Software (such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw).

Note: Pasting a pixel (bitmap) image into a vector program is not acceptable. Scanning of original art will be accepted only provided it is of “Camera Ready” quality and may incur a digitizing cost of $250.