Take customization to new levels of coordination. Match and coordinate your Egan glass markerboard, mobile, table-top or tablescreen with 1,050 colors at no extra charge. You can even send us a color sample and we’ll create a custom color for you.

We’re ready to work with you to find your perfect colour scheme

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See the colors in real life

See all 1,050 Infinite Color Palette options in real life. Order our Fan Deck to see the colors in your workspace under your lighting.


1,050 to Infinity

Choose from 1,050 standard colors or send us a color sample and we will match it.

True to Color

Exact colors reproduce beautifully on GlassWrite and EganAero products.

Create Bespoke Customization with EganINK™

For truly bespoke high-quality and durable graphics, specify EganINK on an array of Egan products, including GlassWrite™ and EganAero™.

Consistent Color and Quality for GlassWrite

All Egan GlassWrite products are created with low-iron tempered safety glass for a superior, professional-grade finish that ensures consistent color quality.

Add Color to the Thinnest Egan Markerboard

Make a statement with your collaborative communication tools. Display your branding on a thin, tough and transportable EganAero markerboard.