Hybrid Office Post-COVID19

Returning to the Office & The Hybrid Office Environment


Let’s face it, there’s no going back to what we left behind. Even the trends in the commercial property sector have felt the changes. Because of this, they are quickly adapting to the types of workplaces we would need in a post-covid19 world.

After experiencing what it was like working with family members nearby, people now crave interaction with coworkers. Zoom fatigueis real, and now, workers want a mix of working at home and going to the office. Here are some of the predictions of what the office will be like post-pandemic:

A New Work Culture
Post-covid19 offices will see a new culture that promotes a healthy balance between work and home. Offices will build more physical spaces for breaks and gatherings. Activities such as brainstorming and collaboration can be less productive when done through a computer screen.

The New Normal
According to MarketWatch.com, more and more families are buying second homes near lakes or seas. They are renovating to make room for offices, which means that the work from home setup is here to stay.

Social Distancing in Mind
People will learn to be comfortable following the prescribed health protocols in the workplace. This will become evident in how the physical office will look like. From office furniture to ventilation, workers will need to feel safe and secure. Offices will be needing to divide space while still encouraging productivity, inspiration, and collaboration. Egan Mobilesand TableScreensare a high-design contract furniture solution to block the spread of germs within your space while still maintaining a collaborative and innovative workspace.

The Hybrid Office Environment
The changes caused by the pandemic has given birth to the hybrid office environment. It is the business model of blending remote work with office work. A Stanford survey seems to highlight this as 55% of American employees prefer this kind of setup. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s high time you prepare your office to transition into a hybrid workplace.

Final Thoughts
The end of the pandemic isn’t anywhere near. And abandoning working in an office seems inconceivable. What we can do is be highly adaptable to the new work environment, which is the hybrid.

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