How to Effectively use Partitions in your Office Design

Defining & dividing spaces in modern office design.


Partitions in your office design can be a useful tool in modern office design
Since the fall of the cubical, office designs everywhere have converted to open concept floor plans. Although this newer frontier has brought about many benefits to the workplace, from fostering open communication to healthier company cultures, it does have its drawbacks. Critics of open concept workplace designs almost always begin their criticism with privacy and noise problems. Without proper office partition designs in your open concept plan, your employees will face difficulties of not being able to focus, which will lead to wasted work hours and slowed business.

Office partition design is an easy way to solve the challenges of open concept workplaces. Office partitions can mitigate distraction and increase focus by giving employees their privacy and space to get their work done. Beyond that, your office partition design should divide space with purpose. Here are different types of modern office partition designs and products to help you design a beautiful and functional space.

Different Types of Modern Office Dividers

Modern Table Dividers
Table dividers are a great way to help give your employees a better sense of dedicated workstations while also giving them privacy. Although you want to be careful not to reinvent the pre-historic cubical, dividing tables can be done in a way that is still inviting, creative and will encourage productivity.

Egan offers a variety of table dividers that meet high design standards, called TableScreens. Offices will be needing to divide space while still encouraging productivity, inspiration, and collaboration. TableScreens are a high-design contract furniture solution to divide space while still maintaining an innovative workspace. TableScreens come in a variety of materials, surfaces, and design options.

Glass TableScreens
You can build your Egan TableScreen with clear, frosted, or colored dry-erase glass. Glass TableScreens are available in frameless or framed options, and are an effective way to subtlety divide space without compromising visual appeal. The translucent and transparent appeal of GlassWrtie Frosted TableScreens allow for light transmission which can help smaller spaces feel larger by allowing for an open line of sight will also still dividing space. Egan glass can also be printed using Egan’s unique EganINK printing service, so you can bolster your visual appeal while keeping the dry-erase benefits of glass.

Dry-Erase EVS TableScreens
Another high-end table divider, Egan offers a range of TableScreens made with its EVS surface. EVS is a whiteboard and writing surface that is guaranteed-to-clean even the most permanent markings and stains (including Sharpie). EVS is a matte finish, bright white, dry-ease surface.

Wall Partitions
Partition wall designs are a solution that can be used for larger areas that require space division. While you divide space using partitions, it’s important to keep in mind that you do not want to create “walls” in your office. Although you may need to divide space to create privacy and mitigate distractions you also want to keep the benefits of your open concept idea. Standing Rigging is a unique furniture solution to creatively divide space. An architectural installation, Standing Rigging is constructed with a tension wire drilled into marker boards. Standing Rigging suspends whiteboards, glass boards or tack boards to create space division all while still providing a tool that facilitates collaboration. Standing Rigging is a professional-grade, productivity starting wall canvas designed to bolster employees’ thoughts and ideation while dividing space at the same time.

Mobile Partitions
Adding moveable partitions are another great way to divide space in your office design plan. Egan’s Mobiles can be easily moved from space to space. This allows for a flexible design plan. Mobile office partitions provide a work area with versatility. Mobiles fit easily into a variety of design scenarios and can create visual and acoustic privacy when used to block and segment off spaces. The easy mobility also gives your employees the ability to move and adjust the partitions. Mobile partitions can be moved and configured to change the space into either an inviting and collaborative space or create privacy eliminating distractions.

Contrary to using them to divide space, Mobiles can also be used as a tool to foster collaboration and teamwork. Again, these types of partitions serve a dual purpose of both dividing and connecting your office design. Egan offers a range of dry-erase glass, whiteboard, tack and acoustic Mobiles. Egan Mobiles can be specified with a variety of configurations and customizations. Choose from a variety of frame options, and mix and match different surface/infill options.

Final Thoughts
Outfitting your space with the right furniture is necessary to create an office environment that is both collaborative and productive. Although open concept work environments foster a sense of community, they can inhibit productivity if your office design is not equipped with thoughtful office partition designs.

Office partitioning should divide space with purpose – you want to divide space not people.

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