Healthcare Patient Boards

Improve patient communication with custom-printed whiteboards and glass boards.


Customizable Printing with EganINK
Printing with EganINK makes it easy to communicate your message. Visual communication tools can help teams communicate important information by providing an accessible tool and medium to share information, which can reduce errors made between healthcare teams from poor communication. Your boards can be printed with patient care templates to help visually explain keed-to-know information, such as medications and what's happening. EganINK gives you the flexibility to print full-color art, graphics, logos, and templates.

Egan Glass Boards Guaranteed-To-Clean
Egan glass boards, GlassWrite, is built from a guaranteed-to-clean, crystal clear, low iron tempered safety glass. Glass has a non-porous surface which not only makes it an easy-to-clean surface but is also guaranteed-to-clean. This means you can use harsh chemicals, such as %90 isopropyl alcohol or Windex to clean the board without damaging it.

Egan GlassWrite is certified with GREENGUARD GOLD. Egan promotes global sustainability, environmental health, and safety. Our products have low chemical emissions, preserving the quality of the air in which the products are used. GREENGUARD conducts strict chemical emissions tests, and certifies products that meet healthy interior standards.

Over 3000 Standard Colors
We understand the influence color can have on your mood and mindset. Whether you are trying to coordinate colors or set a specific mood and tone in your space, Egan makes it possible to match nearly any color with the Egan Color Program. You can specify your glass board’s color from Pantone colors, and for no additional charge.

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