GlassWrite vs EganAero

Knowing the difference when ordering your glassboard


At Egan, we pride ourselves in our ability to manufacture quality glassboards offered with a large range of custom and bespoke options. With our large offering, it can be challenging to decide on the glassboard suited to your design needs, so we’ve created a breakdown of our glass offering to explain the distinct differences and benefits of our two major glass families: GlassWrite and EganAero.


Egan GlassWrite is made from a low-iron, clear, tempered safety glass that is guaranteed-to-clean. Boards are a frameless 1/4 inch (5 mm thick) glass dry erase board with polished edges and corners. Our premium surface, GlassWrite can be specified with a beautiful matte finish option. GlassWrite Matte markerboards feature a low glare and low gloss surface that significantly reduces reflection from natural light, which allows the board to be read from all angles.

GlassWrite can be specified from two different mounting options: stanchion and cleat mount. When ordering with stanchion mount, GlassWrite can be ordered as clear, frosted, color, or with EganINK.Boards can be ordered from a range of standard sizes, as custom sizes, or as unique, personalized shapes. When ordering with stanchion mount, boards are not magnet compatible. When ordering your board with cleat mount, boards can be specified as neo-magnet compatible. Cleat mount boards come in various standard sizes, or can be ordered as a custom size. Cleat mount boards can also be specified in color or with EganINK. With cleat mount GlassWrite boards, you can link boards to create a stunning GlassWrite wall. With the industries’ tightest seam of a 1/8” gap, GlassWrite LINXX creates the impression of a continuous glass expanse. A rubber extrusion is installed behind the glass, linking multiple panels together, and providing a cushion to absorb any contact between the panels that prevents the glass from chipping.


The world's thinnest and lightest glass markerboard. EganAero is made of ultra-thin, high-performance glass. EganAero offers unprecedented performance and sets a new design precedent with its minimal 2mm thickness. EganAero's installation is done with a double-cleat Z bracket. This gives its off-the-wall hover look and sits at 5/16" (7.3mm). A frameless design, the ultra-thin glassboard has a 1/8” radius corner. Its pristine appearance is supported by a scratch-resistant and guaranteed-to-clean surface. EganAero uses the same high technology glass used in smartphones for a professional-grade quality. These sleek, ultra-thin glass boards feature a durable surface with high optical clarity and clear legibility. Unlike other glass markerboards that suffer from poor legibility due to depth of field issues, writing on an EganAero board appears crisp, markings are shadowless, and the surface will come clean. EganAero boards are also neo-magnet compatibility.

All Egan Glass

When you order your glassboard with Egan, all our glass products can be specified with color from the Egan Color Program – over 1000 Pantone colors at no up-charge costs. Glassboard can also be printed with high-resolution graphics or photography using Egan’s EganINK service. Glassboards can be ordered as frameless or within Architrave or Boxcore frame designs. Boxcore is an aluminum frame made of thin, clear anodized aluminum with a 1/8" depth, which can be ordered in custom colors. Architrave is a low profile 1 1/8” wood oak frame available in four oak stain finishes.

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