GlassWrite Boards

Best In Glass: Egan GlassWrite Boards


With a commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, Egan o ers the finest range of glass dry-erase boards. Our glass products are built to stimulate creativity, encourage the sharing of ideas, and facilitate the thought process all while seamlessly adding beauty to the workspace. Egan GlassWrite is built from a guaranteed-to-clean, crystal clear, low iron tempered safety glass. Glassboards can be specified from over 1000 colors at no up-charge costs, or can be printed with high-resolution graphics or photography.

Frameless GlassWrite boards can be mounted with stanchions or as cleat mounted. Cleated mounted boards can be specified as magnet compatible. GlassWrite boards may also be specified in a Boxcore frame design, which is also magnet compatible.


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