Maharam Fabric Grades

We have a synergy program with Maharam Fabrics. From a library of over 2,000 fabrics, we factory-tested and approved 370 tackable textile designs in three quality grades. Each fabric is 54″ wide and ideally suited to our manufacturing specifications.

How to Place an Order

To place an order, please specify the following three things:

  1. Maharam fabric number, including color and dye lot (if applicable)
  2. Fabric name (e.g. Maharam ML 062 Aurora)
  3. Yardage (review Yardage Guidelines)

With this information, you can build the Egan product code, including finish and option codes, followed by your chosen Maharam textile code.

If you’d like a fabric sample, we encourage you to contact Maharam directly at 1-800-645-3943.

Grade A Fabric

  • Manner (466177) This pattern is reminiscent of a textural hopsack weave and features subtle two-tone colorations
  • Medium (463490) This pattern has a Crepe weave that gives it a wool like appearance
  • Metric (466014) This pattern provides a checkered woven texture for a symmetrical and pristine appearance
  • Muse (466487)
  • Murmur (466446)

Please note: the Milestone collection has been replaced with Manner collection.

Egan Yardage Requirements

Egan is pleased to support Customer’s Own Material (COM) requests. All Egan Tackable fabric components may be ordered with Egan textiles program or with customer-supplied fabrics. COM handling is conveniently priced on a per-order basis. The cost of textile and delivery are additional costs that are not included in Egan pricing. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if the fabric is appropriate for the application specified and that it meets applicable codes and regulations.

Egan reserves the right to reject fabrics that, in our opinion, would create unsatisfactory results on the intended application with our normal manufacturing methods. If it is established that the textile selected will compromise the quality or integrity of Egan products, customers are contacted to discuss these concerns.

Egan does not accept responsibility for unsatisfactory results, overall appearance, fabric defects, flammability, normal durability, colorfastness or any other quality issue after installation, beyond normal Egan quality standards.

At Egan Visual, we strive to craft superior results. The following requirements are designed to produce the clarity of intention our craftspeople require.

COM Specification for Tackable Panels

  • Customer/Company
  • Contact name and phone or email
  • Egan product code, correctly specified
  • Fabric sample (indicate face-side and direction, supplying a sample securely fastened to order)
  • Customer Purchase Order correctly indicated
  • Fabric manufacturer, fabric name, color, code and dye lot
  • Fabric requirements fully specified, including (but not limited to) horizontal/vertical direction, pattern matching, railroading, pattern repeats, reversibility

All COM must be sent prepaid to:

Egan Visual Inc.
Attention: COM Receiver
300 Hanlan Road, Woodbridge, ON
L4L 3P6 Canada

Label instructions securely applied to COM