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EganINK gives you the flexibility to uniquely communicate your message, showcase your brand, and express your ideas. With infinite possibilities for customization with lines, grids, dots, letters, logos, graphics and full-color art, you can create one-of-a-kind charts and collaboration boards that truly inspire.

Printed Artwork on Egan Lite Mobile

Professional and Personalized

Exclusive to Egan, EganINK is another communications innovation developed by Egan Visual to create stunning grids, templates, graphics and lettering to your own specifications. Use it with our GlassWrite and EVS™-based products for a functional workspace that’s in harmony with your organization’s identity and the design of the room.

Printed Lettering on Board Product

Communication Your Way

EganINK is an innovative ink system that beautifully reproduces letters, lines and graphics for high-resolution, full-color designs that transforms the way people think, communicate, wayfind, collaborate and interact. Ideal for healthcare, business, education and promotional industries, EganINK gives you the flexibility to create a communication concept that’s uniquely your own.

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Unlimited Personalization

There are no limits to the ways you can customize your whiteboard concept using EganINK. Choose grid patterns, typefaces, colors, and artwork supplied by us, or use your own custom artwork for the ultimate in personalization. Our designers are ready to sit down with you to create a whiteboard concept that truly brings your ideas to life.

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Custom Artwork Tips

We can tweak your files or create art for you so you get exactly what you want. We make sure your custom artwork is reproduced to the highest possible standards. We’ve set out some technical guidelines and recommendations for submitting custom artwork files that will help make the entire process go smoothly.

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EganGRAPHIC Program

EganGRAPHIC Program will provide consultation for idea mapping and graphic development, so we can help bring your ideas to life and ensure your EganINK project runs smoothly.