Reduce Office Noise with Egan Disperse Wallmount & Mobile


When acoustic issues go unresolved, noise can negatively impact workplace satisfaction and productivity. That’s why when designing professional environments it’s important to consider the source of sound and to know how to control it. Egan Disperse Wallmounts and Mobiles are designed to help control echo and sound bounce within a room, and to block sound from escaping or entering a room. Thanks to its sound-damping core and surface design, Disperse products have enhanced ability to influence and mitigate sounds in open spaces. Front-facing apertures in the surface are available in wood veneer or colored Etex.

Disperse Wallmount is cleat mounted to an empty wall space.

Disperse Mobile is built on wheels using Egan’s Boxcore frame design, so that you can move your Disperse to the source of sound.


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