Design Trends in Healthcare

Health X Design; Stress Awareness in your space


A thoughtfully designed place for self-discovery, support, and treatment can be the difference between mental pain and mental health. Here are 3 design approaches for behavioral health environments that encourage a positive, uplifting sense of purpose and direction.

1. Design Concepts Boost Mental Health
When building structures, architects also put into consideration how the design can influence the mental health of the people who are going to use the structures. The design should be developed with safety in mind, but it is also possible to make it a way to improve the mental health of the occupants.

Therapeutic design concepts look into areas of opportunity where mental health can be enhanced. These areas include the sensory environment, incorporation of nature, safety and social equity, and physical activity. Integrating these into the design concept lets a designer develop a more holistic approach that can encourage mental wellness.

2. Developing A Patient-Centric Design
Creating a patient-centric modeling design is not only for building health care facilities. Residential and commercial environments can also benefit from it. People naturally move within these spaces, and it would be great to design the structures to create a healing atmosphere. The design should focus on how it can encourage interaction among occupants. It should be comfortable enough just how patients must be comfortable in the hospital in order to promote full recovery.

3. Print Design Can Create a Positive Experience For Patients
Choosing a design with thoughtful images and text that are associated with positive emotions, while also not to complex, is a step to designing with regards to mental health inclusivity. To help set patients at ease, strategies to “humanize the space” that are employed in other healthcare environments, such as providing access to nature and natural light, are being embraced in mental health settings. Aesthetic approaches have evolved, as well, with more colors and natural textures being incorporated in materials and products appropriate for behavioral health environments.

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