Clean Impact Textiles Marin & Resolve Added to the Egan Fabric Program


Duvaltex CLEAN IMPACT TXTILES have been a force for change over the last few years. Designers and architects are seeking to meet clients' needs for sustainable textiles that offer a distinct advantage in interior design. Partnering with Guildford of Maine, Egan now offers textiles Marin and Resolve as part of its tested and approved fabrics for Egan tackable and acoustic products.

Marin is a polyester with ocean waste textile fabric. Marin transforms ocean waste plastics into an industry-leading sustainable textile. Its tonal pattern is subtly moving, inspired by the ebb & flow of the ocean waves. This fabric is piece-dyed with two types of polyester that each dye differently. Its organic, subdued pattern pays homage to light reflecting off the water and plays across it. The large-scale, subtle pattern is calming and inspired by nature. This textile comes in vibrant colors and is perfect for accent panels, branding, and acoustic applications. To give it a comfortable look, soft-colored neutrals that are fashion-forward are also available.

Resolve redesigns thrown-away materials and transforms them into biodegradable textiles. Biodegradable* Resolve gives off a more natural and cozy feel that can be used to infuse any space with a wellness vibe. Resolve is about soothing comfort. This textile is a tribute to nature, reminiscing of natural, random, and more physical textures - much like stones or bark on a beach. Resolve is a subdued and bleach-cleanable fabric that can be used as a backdrop for any modern or classic design. It's contemporary and has the warmth that architects and designers want.

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