A New Hybrid Working Model

The Changing Office Landscape Calls For a Re-Think of How We Work


After the great ‘working from home’ experiment, attitudes towards the office have changed creating a new hybrid working model that has emerged as a logical next step. One of the challenges of this model is how to best integrate technology into the workplace so that employees can collaborate effectively, regardless of location. By integrating whiteboards with technology, we can make sure that no good idea is ever lost – and that everyone has the chance to contribute.

Whiteboards Have Become an Integral Part of Many Organizations.
Whiteboards have evolved from being a writing surface to a collaboration tool that goes beyond walls to connect people around the world in real time. Leading technology products like Logitech Scribe or Huddly offers a great solution for this problem by allowing users to share whiteboard content online in real-time and makes it easy for team members to collaborate on projects, regardless of location. Although whiteboards are a great way for employers planning hybrid working models to make their office space more inclusive, not all whiteboard surfaces provide the same benefits, and integrating technology on a whiteboard can have drawbacks if it’s not used on the right whiteboard surface. Choosing the right whiteboard, like Egan’s EVS whiteboards is just as important as choosing the right technology to integrate the boards with.

Collaborating With Others Is a Seamless Experience When You Use The Right Tools.
Egan’s EVS whiteboards makes for a seamless experience for those who are collaborating in the office and provides that same experience to those remote employees due to its 160-viewing angle and low glare finish that doesn't reflect off of the walls or windows. When employers choose an EVS surface, they are providing their employees with a space that allows for maximum visibility and interaction, creating an environment where their employees feel like they are part of something big, together. This makes it an ideal visual communication tool for offices, conference rooms, training and more. Our EVS surface will ensure the most widely visible collaboration tool to those around you and help improve your employee’s remote working experience.

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